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Frequently Asked Questions
What ages are appropriate for a neuropsychological evaluation?
Our office has conducted neuropsychological assessments with clients from ages 3 through 90 years. Ages outside of that range are possible upon consultation of appropriateness for testing. Please contact our office if you have further questions in this area.
How long will my appointment last?
Children and adolescent evaluations are conducted in two separate sessions lasting between three and four hours each. Adult evaluations (ages 19+) are conducted in one session lasting approximately six hours. All sessions are individualized and more time and sessions are scheduled as needed on an individual basis due to increased fatigue, poor concentration, or health limitations.
How do I get my results?
Results from a child or adolescent evaluation are explained in a one to one and a half hour session with the doctor who will personally walk you through our findings and answer any questions or concerns. For our adult clients a follow up with the referring physician or educator is general practice although sessions with the doctor can be scheduled as needed.
How does a neuropsychological assessment differ from a learning disability assessment?
Our goal in a neuropsychological evaluation is to assess the child and learn what may be holding them back from reaching their true potential and how to help them achieve that. With our assessment the classification of learning disability is still possible. The focus of a school evaluation is to classify the child and determine if they are functioning below grade level. Please see the following link for more information on the importance of a neuropsychological assessment in evaluating learning disorders.
The importance of neuropsychological assessment for the evaluation of childhood learning disorders
Do you accept Medicare?
Yes, Dr. Ekdom is a Medicare provider
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