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What is a Clinical Neuropsychologist?
A clinical neuropsychologist is a professional within the field of psychology with special expertise in the applied science of brain-behavior relationships. Clinical neuropsychologists use this knowledge in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and/or rehabilitation of patients across the lifespan with neurological, medical, neurodevelopmental and psychiatric conditions, as well as other cognitive and learning disorders.
Training required for a clinical neuropsychologist
1. A doctoral degree in psychology from an accredited university training program.

2. An internship, or its equivalent, in a clinically relevant area of professional psychology.

3. The equivalent of two (fulltime) years of experience and specialized training, at least one of which is at the post-doctoral level, in the study and practice of clinical neuropsychology and related neurosciences. These two years include supervision by a clinical neuropsychologist.

4. A license in his or her state or province to practicepsychology and/or clinical neuropsychology independently, or is employed as a neuropsychologist by an exempt agency.

(Criteria from the National Academy of Neuropsychology)

Barry Ekdom, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Neuropsychologist

B.S., M.A., Ph.D.
Universtity of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

Post-Doctoral Training

Clinical Neuropsychology Fellow, Department of Neurology, Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, D.C. Supervisor: Gary Kay, Ph.D., Department of Neurology, Neuropsychology Lab.
Neuropsychological assessment of inpatient and outpatient children and adults referred by psychiatry, neurology, and general medical units; participation in seminars, rounds, and neurobiology didactics. 1989 through 1990.

Clinical Neuropsychology Fellow, Department of Neurology, North Shore University Hospital, Manhassett, New York. Supervisors: Barbara C. Wilson, Ph.D., Herman Davidovicz, Ph.D., Department of Neurology, Center for Neuropsychology.
Neuropsychological assessment of infants, toddlers, preschool and school age children and adults in outpatient, clinic, and inpatient settings; screening and evaluation of infant through school age children in regular and special educational settings; participation in weekly seminars and rounds. 1988 through 1989.

Academic Appointment:

Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Neurological Surgery, The George Washington University Medical School, Washington, D.C. June 1999 through present.

Post-Doctoral Experience:

Clinical Neuropsychologist, Independent Practice, 3040 Williams Drive, Suite 402, Fairfax, Virginia
Neuropsychological assessment and consultation with children and adults. 1993 through present.

Clinical Neuropsychologist, The Hospital for Sick Children, Washington, D.C.
Assessment and Treatment with an interdisciplinary team for children with brain disease. Part-time consulting 1998 through 1999.

Psychologist, Value Behavior Health (formerly American Psychological Management), Fairfax, Virginia
In-house review of neuropsychological and psychological assessment and treatment plans, direct telecommunication with providers and in-house training/consultation with nurses and social workers. Part-time consulting. 1993 through 1995.

Clinical Neuropsychologist, Virginia Neurologic Center, Fairfax, Virginia
Neuropsychological assessment and treatment of children and adults referred by neurologists, pediatricians and psychiatrists in outpatient and inpatient settings as part of a private neurology group practice. 1990 through 1993.

Consulting Psychologist, West Hartford Public Schools, West Hartford, Connecticut. Ann Gauvin, Ph.D., Preschool Director.
Neuropsychological assessment of preschool and elementary school children, interdisciplinary treatment and educational planning, and consultation with parents. 1988 through 1989.

Professional Affiliations:

International Neuropsychological Society
National Academy of Neuropsychology
American Psychological Association, Division 40 and state/local affiliates
International Dyslexia Association
Epilepsy Foundation

Michelle Sullivan-Gast, Psy.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow

B.A. in Psychology
Nyack College, Nyack, NY

M.A. in Psychology
Argosy University, Washington D.C.

Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology
Argosy University, Washington D.C.

APPIC accredited internship (emphasis in Neuropsychology)
Barry B. Ekdom Fairfax, VA

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Barry Ekdom, Ph.D.